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(January 22, 2018)

My name is Mark Dulaney and I want to help you create and master the Game Plan, Process, Skills and the Ability to Convert the Right Strangers inTo Profitable Clients in the Quickest, Simplest, Easiest and Least Expensive manner.

Did you know that following the crowd is almost always wrong?

Especially when it comes to money, success and business.

What is the most hated day of the week?

That means that the masses start the week off with a disadvantage over those who are excited about Monday and the week about to begin.

Monday is 20% of the work week and 14.3% of the week.  The masses dread Monday.  Because of Monday’s status, in the minds of the masses, conventional wisdom says avoid events on Monday at all costs. 

At Strangers inTo Clients, we believe that the masses and conventional wisdom are almost always wrong.  Statistically, I can prove that if you follow the masses, you will end up just like them; struggling, extremely busy, broke and looking for answers. 

It is for all those reasons that we decided to “OWN” Monday and make Monday your most rewarding day of the week.  To do this, we provide business owners, sales professionals, solo-enterprises, entrepreneurs, network marketers and everyone who wants to make more money a “kick-start” to their week a strategic advantage!

Make More Money Monday will kick-off this week with Breakfast With Champions, a phenomenal workshop that will provide “Six Steps to Building the Company You Truly Want to Own” and a networking luncheon.

From this week forward, while the masses drag their tired unmotivated ASSets into work, you can start your week like a world class champion. 

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Click a link below for more information about this week’s event:

  1.  “Breakfast With Champions” every Monday 7:30 to 9:00 a.m.
  2. Six Steps to Building the Company You Truly Want to Own

I created this day with a simple purpose, to help “Decisive”, “Committed “Implementers” to perform better so you generate significantly better results and more income in 2018 than you did in 2017!

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